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The Chilean Tinamou farm rises to the challenge to domesticate and produce Chilean Partridge of the highest quality in a sustainable manner. There are currently 5000 breeders, which offer different products derived from the Partridge. The production code is set with the highest standards in production quality, breeding, and product manufacture.


Our area of production is dedicated to gourmet, given the white meat of the Partridge, with very short grains, and elevated level of protean and low cholesterol. Its breast is equivalent to 40% of the carcass, the best value in regard to commercial fowl. Its eggs have low cholesterol and high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. It has a highly efficient posture even through its eggs correspond to almost 10% of its body weight.

Our food products for consumption are:
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Butchered and cleaned Chilean Partridge

Smoke-marinated Chilean Partridge
Marinated Chilean Partridge
Chilean Partridge liver pate
Chilean Partridge meat pate
Chilean Partridge eggs

Frozen pickled Chilean partridge

Some of our customers:


Plato Perdiz

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