Perdiz Chilena

We are a business dedicated to raising the Chilean partridge. We are located in Los Ángeles, Region VIII, Bio-Bio, in the center of Chile.

We have much experience in raising these Chilean fowl and for 5 years we have focused almost exclusively on the research and raising methods of this noble species keeping in mind that it is the only Chilean species that possesses productive possibilities. Furthermore, we are conscious of the indigenous Mapuche population’s tradition, as they consider the partridge as part of their food source and use it in prepared medicine.
We are deeply concerned with nature and seek to give it utmost respect and importance in our lives. We understand that our involvement with the land has a large part in our development and we owe much to what we learn and take from it. We believe that we have exceeded only what we see as necessary and it is perfectly possible to achieve equilibrium in our activities. Our practices are based on this and to find new sources of production that permit us to obtain innovative nutrition products and to not affect our surroundings. The Chilean partridge currently faces a diminishing native population due to farming and hunting, its conservation is an effective alternative for preservation and obtaining the fowl’s benefits.

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With our current knowledge, we see in the Timamou species an important projection given its characteristics and the measures that we can achieve to advance in the process of raising this bird. As a product that is characteristic of our land, it could be a champion for the forest and agriculture exports and participate in the agricultural potential of Chile.

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